My Fork Art @Artists and Fleas 

                                         Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn N.Y



   How to get there?

70 north between Wythe and Kent

L train to Bedford ave

towards the water front




Hello, My name is Cecilia. I hand make jewelry out of vintage forks and spoons. A'lot of people ask where do you find the forks or spoon?


My answer is....Well, I find them from everywhere I can. And once I do, I post my new findings on Instagram and Facebook.

So make sure to follow me! You might see the fork or spoon on there. What I do is, open up the packages ONLINE, you can see the auction after bidding is done, I wait for shipping . Another video will be done of me (yours truly) hand making them. This feed last for 24 hrs, and then recycles again, until I make another one.

Do you do custom orders? Yes. I love to do them, so far I've done 17 wedding rings , passed down utensils from there loved ones (grandma's old collection). Feel free to message me anytime at My response time is no greater than 2 hrs. I'm always online.


I'am located at Artist and Fleas on 70 North 7th street between Kent and Wythe. Open Sat-Sun 10am - 7 pm. My online shop will be available December 2019 (Holiday season). I do custom orders by messaging through via email at

 Welcome to My Fork Art

(pictures taken from instagram)

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