"Art comes in many different forms... I chosed forks because it reminds me of my homeland, back when I was a kid running around being creative, I want that back....and so here I am"                                                               -Cecilia           


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Cecilia Ines Valencia (otherwise known as Cecilia Violet) is a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer raised in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Cecilia's grandfather often traveled for work, and always brought home spoons and forks from the places he visited. These unique mementos were displayed prominently on a wall in the kitchen. As with all Latin families, the kitchen was the nexus of family life. When Cecilia recalls her childhood, this is the first image she remembers.

Cecilia's parents relocated to New York after the horrific banking crash of the ‘90s. Haunted by seeing countless families in desperation, she swore to pursue a more traditional route of employment. Coming of age during the advent of the Internet and digital media, Cecilia received a bachelor’s in video production from The School of Visual Arts, NYC. For more than a decade, Cecilia applied herself to the monotonous work of a video editor in L.A and New York.

Then came San Francisco, and everything changed.

San Francisco’s culture of supporting artists ignited in Cecilia a newfound determination to make sense of the disconnected pieces of her life: Argentina, New York, Los Angeles and that wall of vintage spoons and forks, longing to connect with memories from her childhood.


Armed with a cardboard box jammed with utensils, Cecilia applied the concepts of video editing to jewelry and founded My Fork Art. As in post-production, where the video editor must create a unique interpretation of raw footage by cutting it just so without changing its intended native story, she took her vintage forks and spoons and transformed their form without erasing their history.