I have an amazing team behind me helping to create the most amazing spoon-fork jewelry you've ever seen. Check out MY STORY at our home page. Thank you for being here. Love Cecilia.

  MY FORK          ART



Hi, my name is Cecilia. You've probably met me at Artist and Fleas in NYC, or The Embarcadero in C.A, or whatever crazy festival I ended in.


So many people ask. Did you make them?


The truth is.... YES IT'S ALL HANDMADE, but not without any help. I mean....I have 50+ rings there, and they took a long time to make, I won't even go into how long it took to find all these spoons and forks. Let's just say...a LONG TIME.


Okay,so the truth is it took over 10 years, and I have spoon dealers in North Carolina, Texas, Cape Cod (Massachusetts) California and Florida that give me these " special spoons" to make.


I really have to thank the people below. Without my family by my side non of this would be possible.


And guess what? They are really talented.


Mauricio a.k.a my brother in law. He's actually the genius behind the fork bending. He has figured out how to bend the forks so that the stone could stay in place.


He has taught me the trade in creating this myself, the brainstorming design aspects are dedicated to him. Mauricio has some great connections, he is able to locate the most unique antique spoons you'll ever see.


A great designer himself, born in Argentina and is 

a fantastic song writer singer to the musical band named Clandestina. Resides in San Francisco, California.


Jose a.k.a Dad. The genius behind the awesome antique spoons bracelets and rings.


He has created the machines to cut and bend the spoons. All handmade. We use a a pepe machine for the polishing.

Message me for more information. If you are interested in purchasing a machine so you can do this yourself. Contact us. We currently don't show our machines online do to copyright infringements. We are a family owed business and like to keep some of our secrets, secrets! But on occasion we do take orders, show pictures through email and give some amazing insightful instructions.